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Hey Buds Cannabis | THC HUB Fort Saskatchewan

hey buds cannabis


Hey buds, from all of us –the team of THC HUB Cannabis @Fort Saskatchewan. We wanted to talk and educate our readers with ins and outs of Cannabis. We will start slow and go with the flow.

Let’s start with talking about something simple like types of Cannabis i.e. Sativa and Indicas. Everyone is always calling most products either Sativa or Indica but here @ THC HUB in Fort Saskatchewan, we believe we need to clear out a simple fact that most strains we see in the market are hybrids, to begin with since they have been cross bread with a lot of strains to become what they are now. So technically, there are only hybrids unless it is a pure strain that does exist but overall just hybrids either Sativa Dominant or Indica Dominant. So for example the companies, We @THC HUB Fort Saskatchewan believe are making it clear on their packaging are Redican and Top leaf. These are just two examples, pretty sure there are others as well.

So if noticed, you will see both companies mentioned above will always say Indica dominant or Sativa dominant and are very specific as to what you’re getting. But there are lots of companies that are not mentioning this fact, instead, they are labelling their hybrids as Sativas and Indicas only. THC HUB Team @ Fort Saskatchewan, we believe this a very important piece of information for a new Cannabis consumer or even some regular users.

So in the end, just would like all our readers to know that there is much to learn and research since Weed a.k.a Cannabis is a bit more sophisticated than in the old school days. Then there are Terpenes, which is another interesting topic to be discussed that will help you make your choices wisely instead of just taking a stab in the dark. It has been Fun. Best wishes from the team of THC HUB @ Fort Saskatchewan. Be a bud and spread the love.